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Pure Enchantment

Capo Sant’Andrea


Capo Sant’Andrea also has its hidden gems, which those who live in the area know very well. They are small, hidden treasures far from the beaten track. Discover them now.

Sunrise at the Coti Piane

Getting up at dawn is well worth it, at least once

When the extraordinary promontory of Capo Sant’Andrea stands out against the backdrop of the sun rising, the lucky few are offered a truly unique experience. Take a walk to the Cote Piane as soon as the sun rises and maybe treat yourself to some yoga with a “Sun Salutation” towards the magnificent sunrise.

The little beach of Cotoncello

A small bay just a few minutes walk from Sant’Andrea

The delightfully natural beach, without facilities, is a romantic haven just a few minutes walk from the beach of Sant’Andrea.

TIPS: we recommend you treat yourself to a carefree day in this earthly paradise during the months of April and May, when the vibrant shocking pink blooms envelop the promontories.

The Calello Pathway

Walking above crystal clear waters

Don’t leave Capo Sant’Andrea before you’ve followed the coastal path between the two beaches of the bay. Leave from Sant’Andrea and go in the direction of Marciana Marina. An amazing walk awaits you of about 15 minutes over granite slabs that seem to be suspended in clear glass.

The Calanche Crown

A court of granite slabs at an altitude of 900 meters

There are at least three different paths to the top of the Calanche; along footpath no.100, you pass through a unique and breathtakingly beautiful formation of granite slabs. Check for the difficulties and ideal conditions for this incomparable experience with local guides.

Small gems of rural architecture

Caprili delle Macinelle, 573 meters above sea level

Walking along the paths on the slopes of Monte Capanne, it’s easy to come across one of the more than 200 “domoliti pastorali”, built of concentric rings of stone. Along footpath no.130, you’ll find the fascinating goat folds of Caprili delle Macinelle and wonderful viewpoint across to the islands of Pianosa, Montecristo and Corsica.



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